Whole House Audio

Nelson Electric will install home audio speakers in the areas where you entertain, relax and get ready.

Whole House Audio is the ability to listen to your iPod, CD Player, Satellite Radio or local Radio stations throughout your home.  Listen to the local news over speakers in your Master Bathroom.  Listen to your iPod in the Great Room, Kitchen and Deck and when you are entertaining.  Listen to the ball game in the porch. We can help you design a system to fit your lifestyle.

Sources – Audio Devices, including Radio Tuners, iPod, CD Players, Satellite Radio, Cable Receivers, etc.

Zones – Rooms or Areas that have stereo speakers pre-wired in the ceiling or walls: Master Bedroom, Kitchen, Great Room, Office, Porch, Deck, Pool area, etc.

Multizone Control – The ability to have independent control over all zones. For example, the Kitchen zone can be listening to local radio on a quiet setting while the Deck zone is listening to a CD at a louder setting.

Control Interface (keypad) – How you control your system (source selection or volume control within a zone).  A simple interface would be a standard rotary volume control.  The next level would be an keypad or touch screen that allows you control volume level, source selection, station selection, iPod playlist selection without going directly to the equipment location.