Home Theater

Are you considering a Home Theater and wondering… where should I mount the surround sound speakers? Where should I place the television screen? What type of lighting design will provide home theater ambiance?

We will answer these questions so you can start enjoying an optimal movie experience in the comfort of your own home!

Utilizing the latest technology we can:

  • Install Wiring
  • Install Sound Insulation
  • Install Framing
  • Design Surround Sound placement
  • Design Accent Lighting
  • Add Lighting Fixtures & Dimmers
  • Troubleshoot

A home theater system is about bringing the excitement of a big screen movie theater into your home for you and your family to enjoy. Stimulate your visual sense with the crisp life-like-imagery of high-definition television. Integrate a surround sound system that will allow you to feel a part of the action, suspense or drama. Even before you turn it on it will make a powerful statement in your home